“The Green Screen” Interactive Video Kiosk | Case Study

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services, Educational Outreach
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Electrical Engineering, Coding, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Graphic Design

When Dem-Con wanted to update their educational outreach center with an exhibit that would show how the recycled materials they collect go on to become new products, we had an idea. After months of video production, design, electrical engineering, and coding, that idea became a reality, and a whole new way to display video was born.

The kiosk in action.

The invention itself uses a Raspberry Pi single-board computer and NFC reader to scan tags affixed to the recycled items. When a particular item is set on the scanner, an LED ring lights up (in a color corresponding to that particular material according to Dem-Con’s color-coded system) and a video about how that item was made is played. This tactile method of triggering videos is irresistibly fun to play with, and the effect of our host walking onto the screen and describing the item set before him makes a striking impact.

Kiosk In Progress
Assembling the components.

To create the videos, we traveled to over a dozen companies throughout Southern Minnesota, documenting the fascinating ways in which recycled materials are processed and transformed into new products. This was combined with footage of our host, Terry Weston, shot on a white cyclorama explaining these processes in a fun way that appeals to our primary audience of schoolchildren, but is informative for adults as well.

The kiosk videos represent 5 categories of recycled materials.

The entire device is contained in a small platform connected to a television. Sunstone also designed wall decals that explain the kiosk and entice visitors to try it out. The kiosk was unveiled at a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency training event to the great interest of those in attendance. It has continued to impress tour groups of all ages, informing them about important recycling topics in an entertaining and memorable way. 𝓢

Special thanks to the businesses featured in this project!

Anchor Glass | Shakopee, MN
Liberty Carton, MN | Minneapolis

By The Yard | Jordan, MN
Liberty Paper | Becker, MN
Cutting Edge Grinding | Sauk Rapids, MN
Mastermark Plastics | Paynesville, MN
Dotson Iron Castings | Mankato, MN
Strategic Materials | St. Paul, MN
The Rewall Company | Des Moines, IA