Schmidt Siding & Window Company Television Campaign | Case Study

Client: Schmidt Siding & Window Company
Industry: Home Improvement, Contracting & Construction
Services: Creative, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Production

Behind the scenes, posted throughout the workshops and warehouse bays of Schmidt Siding & Window Company, you’ll find signs proclaiming the staff’s official motto. Exceed expectations and create customers for life – it’s a goal and a reality for the skilled workers who have been enhancing Southern Minnesota homes with lasting improvements since 1949.

As Southern Minnesota’s largest home improvement company, Schmidt wanted their new television campaign to have a polished, high-end look consistent with the quality of their products and installations. They enlisted the help of Sunstone to produce a series of commercials for broadcast and cable television, each with a different style that would appeal to different categories of prospective customers. After developing concepts, storyboards, and scripts, an approved production plan was executed.

We Are Schmidt appeals to a homeowner’s desire for skill and experience among those who would perform work on their home. Shot at Schmidt locations and job sites, it confidently highlights the highly-experienced staff, showcasing specific individuals in dramatic slow-motion as their actual signatures and dates of hire appear on screen.

Peace of Mind appeals to a homeowner’s desire to protect their home and family. It follows a family through a typical evening, benefiting from all of the improvements that Schmidt Siding & Window Company has made to their home. The footage and narration sets an emotional tone, celebrating the central role a home can play in the life of a family.

Rubberneckers appeals to the pride of home ownership in a humorous way. It features a home with beautiful Schmidt improvements that make it the envy of the neighborhood – and the satisfied homeowner whose pride goes a bit too far.

Producing the commercials locally using existing staff and locations made the project much more affordable for Schmidt. They are thrilled with the quality of the campaign and the positive reaction from customers and prospects. Since the ads began running on television and in local movie theaters, Schmidt has received multiple calls from individuals who saw the commercials and want to know the story behind them. Without changing anything else about their advertising strategy, they’ve also noticed a 100% increase in monthly sales leads, which they attribute directly to this campaign. 𝓢