SCC Advanced Manufacturing + Mechatronics

Client: South Central College
Industry: Education, Advanced Manufacturing
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production

This project arose from a national effort to create educational pathways for graduating highly-skilled specialists who can meet the demands of today’s advanced manufacturing careers. A consortium of 12 Minnesota colleges and universities, SCC President Dr. Annette Parker’s work on the White House’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership 2.0 Steering Committee, and a 15-million dollar grant from the Department of Labor all played a role in putting South Central College at the forefront of educational efforts to close the manufacturing “skills gap” and ensure global competitiveness.

To communicate the value of these programs to prospective students, we created 3 promotional videos, each with a slightly different purpose.

Mechatronics: Do It All is divided into 2 parts, beginning with a high-energy sequence that portrays a day in the life of a mechatronics professional with action and a wink of humor. The sequence was shot at EI Microcircuits' high-tech electronics manufacturing facility, and stars a graduate of SCC's Mechatronics program.

Part 2 of the Mechatronics promotional videos takes a deeper look at SCC's innovative program through a mosaic of unscripted interviews and striking footage of mechatronic equipment and operations.

For Advanced Manufacturing: Careers In The Making, we interviewed over a dozen individuals representing students, graduates, faculty, administration, and industry professionals. Combined with slick animations and vibrant footage of various manufacturing programs and activities, this chorus of voices makes a unified case for pursuing an advanced manufacturing career.

Already, the videos are generating buzz within an industry whose inherently complex, multi-disciplinary nature often makes explaining itself to outsiders a major challenge. It’s exciting to watch as this campaign attracts a new generation of professionals to these important fields. 𝓢