J. Koski Company Safety Orientation | Case Study

Client: J. Koski Company
Industry: Energy, Specialty Construction
Services: Instructional Design, Scriptwriting, Video Production, Training Development

Winding strips of crushed scoria stone snaked bright red across the landscape, widening into circles dotted with blazing orange gas flares. Gazing down from our single-engine six-seater soaring high above in the North Dakota sky, our team knew we’d soon be landing in the heart of The Patch.

Oil was discovered in the Baaken region in the 1950’s, but it wasn’t until the 2000’s that advancements in oil recovery technology turned North Dakota into the number two oil-producing state in the country. As the black gold flowed out, energy industry workers flowed in, constructing over 10,000 oil wells near Williston and Watford City, where J. Koski Company’s North Dakota operations are based.

Flaring of natural gas lights up the Baaken in this view from space.

Flaring of natural gas lights up the Baaken in this view from space.

Traveling and working with JKC, we witnessed the wide range of construction services they provide to the pipeline, energy transmission, and oilfield construction industries. Attracted by jobs like these, the friendly construction workers and roustabouts we met worked insane hours for unbelievable paychecks (needed to pay soaring rent costs – $2800/month average in Watford City!) In the midst of this Wild West environment, we came to appreciate J. Koski Company’s deep commitment to maintaining a well-trained, safety-conscious workforce above all else.

The energy boom has slowed as the price of petroleum has plunged, but JKC is still hard at work in North Dakota, as well as their Duluth-based Minnesota construction operations, which we also visited for the lesson. The full training presentation covers over 100 topics from JKC’s employee handbook – everything from HR policies, to dress requirements, first aid, HAZCOM, PPE, confined space, fall protection, and many others, including specialized topics like chainsaw and barbed wire safety.


With their JiffyTrain TDS (T.raining D.elivery S.ystem) account, JKC tracks training on an individual basis with lesson completion reports emailed directly to the safety director. This maintenance-free solution keeps them in compliance without the ongoing hassle and expense of a complex learning management system, providing peace of mind should OSHA ever come knocking.

The orientation lesson has won acclaim from JKC’s front-line workers as well as their parent company, APi Group. Comprised of over 40 fire protection and industrial and specialty construction companies located throughout North America and the United Kingdom, it’s high praise to have our lesson recognized in this way. We’ll never forget our experiences in The Patch, and are excited that they’ll be advancing health and safety for years to come. 𝓢