Etail Solutions Web Promos

Client: Etail Solutions, LLC
Industry: Software as a Service, Multichannel Online Retail / E-Commerce
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Animated Illustration

When making a purchase on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere, we don’t often stop to think about the incredibly complex stack of technologies and processes that make this seemingly simple act possible. Today’s online merchants need to be able to publish inventory across multiple sales channels, manage global supply chains and fulfillment methods, and collect, store, and interpret vast amounts of business data. As sales increase, so do these demands on an entrepreneur’s time and energy, as the weight of overhead expenses threatens to crush their budding business.


Online merchants manage multiple sales channels and complex global supply chains every day.

Multi-channel merchants quickly learn that in order to grow, they need a rock-solid platform from which to manage their multifaceted operations. Etail Solutions had a powerful solution, but they needed to explain to prospective merchants how it could transform their business for the better. With so much riding on this decision – for some customers, literally millions of items being sold across dozens of sales channels – they also had to convey the expertise and trustworthiness of the company upon which the merchant would be relying so deeply.

In Why Etail? company founder Michael Anderson explains how the Etail platform transforms tedious sales and fulfillment tasks from an overhead expense to an automated driver of business growth. To make these abstract concepts engaging and easy to understand, they’re portrayed through animated, hand-drawn illustrations on a “magic easel”. The crisp black-and-white footage of Michael interacting with the colorful drawings creates a striking effect that is as eye-catching as it is informative – and has proven instrumental in explaining and selling the product to prospective customers.

Additional videos were produced featuring the voices of Etail team members speaking in unscripted interviews to the company’s mission, expertise, and values. Combined with cinematic shots of Etail’s bustling headquarters, they impart credibility and personality to the company, and affirm Etail’s reputation as a deeply knowledgeable and trustworthy e-commerce partner.

The typical Etail customer sells hundreds of thousands of dollars in products each month, a number which increases by an average 130% in their first year on the platform – so the economic impact of these videos in driving conversions has been profound. 𝓢