Dem-Con Mobile Education Center

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services, Educational Outreach
Services: Branding, Graphic Design

This project was the fulfillment of a vision by Dem-Con Companies to create a mobile version of their educational outreach center in Shakopee, Minnesota. If tour groups can’t make a trip to their center, Dem-Con can take the center to them, rolling into grade schools across the state to teach kids about recycling with interactive exhibits and activities.

The trailer design incorporates messaging about important recycling topics that Dem-Con wants to communicate to the general public. This includes the National Waste and Recycling Association‘s “Top 10 In The Bin” list of items that individuals should always remember to recycle. It also involved creating a brand for Dem-Con’s Roll with Us to 75% Recycling by 2030 campaign, an effort to meet ambitious state recycling goals.

The green flame motif wrapping around the front of the trailer gives it a sleek look that makes an unmistakable impact as it cruises down the highway. The design incorporates graphics that replicate an activity at the Dem-Con Materials Recovery Facility in Shakopee, allowing children to sort recyclables with attached magnets into the correct material categories by sticking them to the side of the trailer in the appropriate sections.

Designing the 24-foot trailer wrap required some careful measuring and planning. It was extremely satisfying to see the final graphics fitting perfectly around the trim, reflectors, and other features, tying everything together in a unified design that extends Dem-Con’s brand and carries an important environmental message for children and adults.