Condux LightSpeed Video Guide

Client: Condux International
Industry: Manufacturing, Telecommunications & Power Transmission Equipment
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Web Delivery Strategy, DVD Authoring

As the world’s premiere manufacturer of telecom and power cable installation equipment, Condux International prides itself on its large product catalog and commitment to customer service. In keeping with this 130+ year tradition, for their new line of fiber optic cable blowers Condux chose to create a series of instructional videos to assist their worldwide customer base in mastering their new equipment. We also created an overview video that provides a quick look at Condux and the Gulfstream™ line. This has proven to be a powerful promotional tool at trade shows and online, where hyperlink video overlays lead interested prospects further down the sales funnel.

Promotional overview of the Gulfstream™ line.

The project posed an interesting challenge in that some of the training topics applied to the full line of cable blowers, while others applied specifically to certain models. By structuring the videos in a modular fashion and leveraging DVD menus and advanced YouTube playlist features, we were able to tailor each video to the customer’s exact product model.

The GS150 instructional video playlist.

In DVD form and online, this approach has proven incredibly flexible, allowing customers to easily locate and view short videos on individual topics, or watch them in sequence as a traditional full-length instructional video. In addition to increasing sales, by reducing the need for on-site training, customers are able to get up and running more efficiently while Condux realizes major savings from reducing domestic and international travel. 𝓢