Dem-Con MRF Virtual Reality Tour

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services
Services: 360° Video Production, Graphics & Animation, Virtual Reality Mobile App Development

The promise of virtual reality to transport people to places they’ve never – or could never – visit is one on the most exciting aspects of this revolutionary technology. With the help of Sunstone Creative Group, Dem-Con Companies has leveraged this power to awesome effect to deliver an important message about their company’s recycling efforts…

South Central College Career Exploration Series

Client: South Central College
Industry: Education, College
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Animation

For an ambitious video series exploring the different career paths available at South Central College, Sunstone interviewed 60 students, faculty, graduates, and industry partners. Their diverse voices serve as a powerful testament to the role that technical and community college education plays in Southern Minnesota, changing lives and strengthening our communities…

Pneumat Systems | Safer. Faster. Easier.

Client: Pneumat Systems, Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing, Bulk Material Handling, Bin & Silo Cleanout
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Animation

This rousing promo celebrates the skilled professionals who make up Pneumat Systems, Inc., capturing the passion that drives their Safer/Faster/Easier brand promise. Capturing their TeamPneumat service arm’s dedicated professionals in action involved riding a cramped personnel elevator more than 100 feet into the frigid February air to shoot atop the CHS grain terminal in Winona, MN…

“Ducks in a Row” Television Commercial

Client: Schmidt Siding & Window Company
Industry: Home Improvement, Contracting & Construction
Services: Creative, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Production

Since 1949, Schmidt Siding & Window Company has been helping Southern Minnesota get their “ducks in a row” when it comes to home improvement. We were delighted to amplify this quirky marketing campaign with a fast-moving, unforgettably silly ad. In a spot dense with technically-challenging gags, Schmidt’s General Manager steals the show, landing an on-point brand message with tongue-in-cheek charm…

Dem-Con Companies: Educate. Innovate. Recycle.

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production

Through innovative programs and partnerships, Dem-Con Companies has long been on the forefront of efforts to increase recycling rates in Minnesota. In keeping with this vision, Dem-Con is proud to have completed construction on a state-of-the-art materials recovery facility that greatly expands single-stream recycling capacity for the Twin Cities area and beyond.

Condux LightSpeed Video Guide

Client: Condux International
Industry: Manufacturing, Telecommunications & Power Transmission Equipment
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Web Delivery Strategy, DVD Authoring

As the world’s premiere manufacturer of telecom and power cable installation equipment, Condux International prides itself on its large product catalog and commitment to customer service. In keeping with this 130+ year tradition, for their new line of fiber optic cable blowers Condux chose to create a series of instructional videos to assist their worldwide customer base in mastering their new equipment. We also created an overview video that provides a quick look at Condux and the Gulfstream™ line. This has proven to be a powerful promotional tool at trade shows and online, where hyperlink video overlays lead interested prospects further down the sales funnel.

Etail Solutions Web Promos

Client: Etail Solutions, LLC
Industry: Software as a Service, Multichannel Online Retail / E-Commerce
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Animated Illustration

When making a purchase on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere, we don’t often stop to think about the incredibly complex stack of technologies and processes that make this seemingly simple act possible.

“The Green Screen” Interactive Video Kiosk | Case Study

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services, Educational Outreach
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Electrical Engineering, Coding, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Graphic Design

When Dem-Con wanted to update their educational outreach center with an exhibit that would show how the recycled materials they collect go on to become new products,