Be a Seneca HERO

Client: Seneca Foods Corporation
Industry: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation
Services: Instructional Design, Scriptwriting, Video Production, Training Development

Since the 1940’s, Seneca Foods has grown to become the world’s largest processor of canned vegetables. Their commitment to feeding the world while maintaining a safe workforce required a training solution that could be easily rolled out across their global network of farming, processing, and transportation personnel with diverse job duties and significant seasonal turnover.

Be a Seneca HERO was developed with the goal of increasing employee awareness, engagement, and teamwork in actively promoting workplace safety. It empowers employees with techniques for reducing workplace hazards and serves as an ongoing feedback system for keeping supervisors and management informed about matters of health and safety. As learners progress through the lesson, the entertaining HERO character rewards their advancement with humorous videos that relate to their job duties as they accumulate tokens and real-world incentives through a gameified reward system. A fully-localized Spanish version of the training was also developed to better serve the company’s Spanish-speaking team members.


To generate curiosity and interest, posters were distributed throughout the company before and after the program launched. The safety campaign has been well-received throughout Seneca, with widespread participation and a documented reduction in accident rates. 𝓢