Pneumat Systems | Safer. Faster. Easier.

Client: Pneumat Systems, Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing, Bulk Material Handling, Bin & Silo Cleanout
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production, Animation

This rousing promo celebrates the skilled professionals who make up Pneumat Systems, Inc., capturing the passion that drives their Safer/Faster/Easier brand promise. Capturing their TeamPneumat service arm’s dedicated professionals in action involved riding a cramped personnel elevator more than 100 feet into the frigid February air to shoot atop the CHS grain terminal in Winona, MN…

Dem-Con Companies: Educate. Innovate. Recycle.

Client: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Waste & Recycling Services
Services: Scriptwriting, Video Production

Through innovative programs and partnerships, Dem-Con Companies has long been on the forefront of efforts to increase recycling rates in Minnesota. In keeping with this vision, Dem-Con is proud to have completed construction on a state-of-the-art materials recovery facility that greatly expands single-stream recycling capacity for the Twin Cities area and beyond.

“Ducks in a Row” Television Commercial

Client: Schmidt Siding & Window Company
Industry: Home Improvement, Contracting & Construction
Services: Creative, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting, Video Production

Since 1949, Schmidt Siding & Window Company has been helping Southern Minnesota get their “ducks in a row” when it comes to home improvement. We were delighted to amplify this quirky marketing campaign with a fast-moving, unforgettably silly ad. In a spot dense with technically-challenging gags, Schmidt’s General Manager steals the show, landing an on-point brand message with tongue-in-cheek charm…

Sunny | Bio

Sunny joined our team in 2015. He enjoys goofing off at the office and plays a key role in our shipping and receiving operations by enthusiastically popping any bubble wrap that comes through the door. In his first year with the company, Sunny starred as a dumb-struck pet in a memorable Sunstone-produced television commercial that has been licensed to air in multiple states.

Terry Weston | Bio

Terry is an experienced health and safety consultant with the Center for Business & Industry at South Central College. His prodigious safety knowledge and charisma make him a legendary figure in the safety world, and over the years he’s partnered with Sunstone on numerous training projects. His professional distinctions (Certified Safety Professional,

Andy Lundquist | Bio

Andy’s interest in video began at a young age, with the casting of younger siblings in overly-ambitious 8mm handycam productions. Today, he channels his passion for storytelling into solving digital communication challenges for clients around the world. Andy is an explainer, with the unique ability to distill large sets of complex information into pure,