How It Works

Employee training is one of the most valuable investments a company can make – but only if it’s effective. Sunstone’s mission is to ensure every trainee comes away with valuable, relevant knowledge that improves safety and performance, and we’re proud of our many successful case studies.

  • We specialize in workplace health and safety topics, but can design training on any subject. Working with your subject matter experts, our explainers craft your message for maximum engagement.
  • Fully customized to your company – shot with your people, equipment, and locations
  • Great for sending individual employees through or delivering in a group setting
  • Lessons can be accessed via computer or mobile device – everyone gets the same info and updates are instant
  • We provide multiple options for tracking lesson completions, with or without an LMS. Trainees can print certificates of completion, or automatically email digital records to the safety director – easy record-keeping for when the inspector comes knocking
  • We’ve deployed lessons across many Learning Management Systems, as well as standalone intranet solutions or our JiffyTrain platform. We work with you at the outset to determine the best distribution approach.

Sunstone helps companies reduce the time, travel, and expense of employee training with digital training lessons and orientations.

If your company has an active learning management system, our lessons meet all the latest standards and will plug right into it.


We created JiffyTrain for customers looking for a dead-simple alternative for delivering digital training to their employees without the ongoing hassle and expense of a complex LMS. Track lesson completions with printed certificates or reports emailed directly to the safety director. With no accounts to manage or interface to master it’s the maintenance‑free solution that keeps you in compliance.

Protect Your People & Reputation

Clients cite Sunstone’s digital training solutions as instrumental in reducing expenses related to training costs, accidents, workers compensation claims, property losses, fines, and higher insurance rates. Let us know how we can help you out.

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